Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Making the Right Choices

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope every had a great day on yesterday. Here's what I sent to my team today:
"Good morning, team. I hope everyone has had a great start this week. Here's a portion of the message that I received on Sunday. Make the right choices. You have to be a magnificent follower before you can be an extraordinary leader. The decisions you make will determine how great a follower or leader you are or can be. Stay prayed up and give God a portion of your time. We should be willing to sacrifice at least 30 minutes to an hour to Him to show that we love and adore Him for all that He's done, is doing, and will do. I hope this helps someone to make the right decision and also encourages you to set aside some time for the Lord. Have a good shift."
Sunday was Men & Women Day at my church. We had to wonderful speakers. A speaker in the morning for the Women and a speaker in the evening for the Men. The one in the evening really had some great points. Even though the message was for the men, it can be applied to everyone's life. Like choosing to make an extra dollar instead of giving God that time. If it wasn't for God, you wouldn't have that job to make an extra dollar; so, instead of working that overtime,make a sacrifice and give that time to God and He'll provide that extra dollar you would've made at work in another way. Anyway. I hope this helps someone make the right decision to grow in God and to not let materialistic things dictate where your soul will end up at the end of your walk through life. Enjoy your day.

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